2016-06-10: I'm bad at updating regularly.

I'm InvisibleUp, and this is my page straight from the days of Web 1.0. (There's not even Javascript. That's somehow rare nowadays.) I write articles on a semi-kinda-not really basis about technology, usually, although I eventually want to try to branch out. I also have a list of things I did in the past I think are cool. And maybe I'll do more stuff in the future. After all, everything on the site takes up a countable amount of floppy disks when combined so I've got plenty of room to grow.

Current Article:

Lifting King Bob-omb

Current Project: Sonic R Mod Loader. It was bascially done, but it turns out that my clever plan for uninstalling mods stopped being clever several months ago. Meh. Really just need to sit down and work on it. Screenshot?