Who are you?

I'm just me, and frankly, that's all I need to be. I have the strangest tastes in everything. My favorite games as of right now probably include Freedom Planet and Mini Metro, altohugh I really don't play games that often. I'm fascinated by the Back to the Future series. (Time travel, man. So cool.) Forrest Gump and About Time also rank in my top movies. (And somewhere above there is Toy Story 3, which was so good I never want to watch it again.) My musical tastes can be best summed up be visiting my SoundCloud likes, or alternatively finding a copy of Pet Sounds, the Beatles' Blue Album, anything by Pink Floyd, or a disturbing number of things from the 80's. And yet I'm an antiquated weirdo that misses when computers came in beige and cars came in teal.

However, I'm definitely not one who lives, breathes and eats the cubicle. I'm probably the only person I know who wrote a GameBoy emulator for fun, built a working robot with a bunch of other dudes and competed it against other robots and somehow became decently competent at reverse engineering games nobody cares about. I like to pretend I'm an interesting fellow. I like the unknown. I don't eat the cubicle. I tear it down and make a slightly better cubicle.

Also I'm really bad at describing myself.

What's with the username?

Surprisingly short story, actually. I was watching a Mario gaming marathon for charity (by ExtraLives, which were a cool bunch a dudes when they still did stuff. Check out the leader's livestream on Twitch, he's a pretty cool dude), and I needed an username for the chat. I thought "You know what's cool? Those Boo mushrooms from Super Mario Galaxy that, like, turn you invisible and stuff." So after a solid 15 seconds of thinking I typed "InvisibleUp" and I stuck with it because, apart from some Russian dude who took the Last.FM account, I haven't had anybody have my username already. And it doesn't sound too incredibly stupid, like "GokuFan1987" or whatever.

And the logo thing?

I woke up one day and thought "You know, Pac-Man had the cutest ghosts. Hey, that would be kinda neat as a logo for myself." So I opened up Inkscape and went to town. I think the ghost fits with the whole "InvisibleUp" motif. Also I can render it in 16x16 pixels no problem, which is always a plus.

Why does this site exist?

Why not? This webhost (NeoCities!) was free and I needed a place to write down my pointless accomplishments. It's a place where I can dump whatever and feel good about seeing numbers go up. I don't update this as regularly as I probably should, though...

How do I contact you?

Aww, you want to contact me? That's awesome!

But seriously, if you need to contact me your best bet is to shoot me a PM on Reddit (/u/invisibleup) or to my email. Email is [my username] at outlook.com (I'm not just going to just give my email out to the internet. There's spambots and creepy stalkers and stuff out there.)

Note that I DO NOT own invisibleup.tumblr.com. I don't actually use Tumblr at all, actually. (Sorry, just had to make sure we're clear on the fact that I'm not some LA hipster who speaks Spanish.)