Fast News

This is a strictly apolitical blog. In writing this I do not intend to publicly support or discourage any political party or viewpoint, nor am I publicly supporting any particular fast food resturaunt or news station.

The other day I went to a McDonalds. I almost never do this. I got some food, sat down, and looked at the TV. CNN was on and Anderson Cooper was talking about something involving President Trump.

I didn't really pay attention to the TV, but I found it interesting that CNN was on. A while ago, I used to hit up the local fast food resturaunts with some friends for lunch every so often. On nearly every TV in that town, Fox News was playing.

It then hit me. I was now eating my hamburger in the outskirts of a major city. (I'm not naming the city. Sorry. I value my personal privacy too much.) When I got back home, I went through the 2016 election results. People in that city overwhelimgly voted for Hillary Clinton as president. Likewise, the town that had Fox News playing voted mostly for Donald J. Trump.

I find this rather interesting. CNN is typically liberal leaning, while Fox News is more conservative. Is it possible that this trend exists across all fast food resturaunts in America? I don't know. I have a sample size of 2, and I'm in no position to drive across America just to check what's on TV.

If you don't mind, I've created a survey (CLOSED) that asks you what news station plays in your fast food resturaunt. It would be interesting to see if we can predict elections by what the manager decided to put on the TV. I don't expect many responses, but it'd still be interesting to see.

As of 2017-08-23, there are 0 responses. I didn't really expect any, to be perfectly honest. Also, in hindsight, it's probably more accurate to say that a particular city's political affiliation effects their preferred news stations more so than the other way around.