Sometimes I like to get creative. I've been on a little bit of a kick lately, so hopefully having this page up will be motivation enough for me to keep making stuff. My current goal is one doodle a day. I have completely and utterly failed at that goal, but I might try again some day soon. Note that I also like to dabble in stuff I admittedly suck at, so don't expect everything (or anything) here to be a masterpiece. Also, there will be no NSFW stuff here ever.

Poetry/Short Stories

Blame Doki Doki Literature Club for this. Poetry is pretty fun, once you tear it away from the hands of snooty old men from the 1950's who try to be too fancy for their own good. I'm not going to post anything too serious or personal here for the time being.


I'll admit I'm not great. I'm trying to get better, though. I'm still at the point where I'm trying to nail down the most basic stuff with proportions and body shapes and the like. That may take a while. Oh well.

I tend to draw either on the blank side of a 3x5 index card (they're portable and cheap!) or in the DotPict app on my phone, touching up with mtPaint on my computer. Digital art would be cool, but I don't have a drawing tablet so that's nigh-on impossible.


Maybe eventually. It'd be fun. Just need to figure out where to start, because I know literally nothing.

Javascript Fun

Mostly memes.