Here's some projects I've worked on. I'm only including recent stuff, as some older stuff I used to have here doesn't really reflect well on my abilities anymore.


Aqua and Ashes

A Game Boy game I'm working on! It's meant to be small and managable, but there's still a lot of depth to it. Plus, hopefully, it'll be fun to play.

Sonic Retro's Sonic R Mod Loader

I was asked by MainMemory from the Sonic Retro fourms to contribute to this. And so I did. I added HD and widescreen support, helped add support for PNG textures, and a few little quality-of-life things like that.

Sonic Redux

What I spent 2015-2017 working on. It's cool that I pulled this off, but I'm ready to call it quits.

Very Terrible Mod Loader

This is what I spent the vast majority of 2016 on. It was meant to ease the development of Sonic Redux. It completely blew up in my face and dragged me through the mud the entire way. It's very terrible. But it was at least educational.

Color Tanks

A quick TIC-80 game I made in a week for a game jam on Inspired by Super Metroid suitless runs and how you needed to get enough E-Tanks to get through some sections of the game intact.


This was a quick and dirty program I wrote a while back so I could use my Spaceball 2003 6DOF input device that I got for $1 from a Goodwill with software on my Linux computer. It works quite well, as it lets me use it as a joystick, mouse, or drawing tablet. Those last two aren't so great in practice, though.